What patients are saying…

“I have never been more excited to share a review! While going through fertility treatments I decided to try acupuncture for the first time.

From the moment I made the appointment, I felt welcomed. I see Dr. Becca Blake almost weekly and have been since 11/2023. She is incredibly knowledgeable, tender and engaging. I have learned so much about how my body works, symptom management and tips on how to live a well balanced life and how that can affect fertility.

I have never felt judged and have always felt 100% comfortable and safe in my own body while with Dr. Blake. Dr. Blake has been a remarkable caregiver for me through my continued journey and I am looking forward to continuing my fertility journey with her and Traditional Acupuncture. I can not speak more highly of Dr. Blake and everyone who works within Traditional Acupuncture!”

– Lissy

“Pam Gurney is the best kept secret of this clinic. Her massages are exceptional. She takes the time to truly understand your issues. I like that. You can tell she has a background in anatomy because she can isolate muscles in a way I’ve never experienced. I came in with low back, hip and neck pain and left feeling so much relief.”

– Krista

“After a pandemic hiatus from acupuncture it was time for me to get back to Laurie and her team! No only did she remember me and personal details after three years, but her and Michael had me feeling better just after my first visit back. Highly recommended !!”

– Chelsey

“This place is the BEST! I love everyone who works here. Laurie is amazing and the receptionists are absolutely lovely. I have been working with Laurie to regain function and decrease my neck pain from a bulging disc.

I immediately saw results after the first visit, and can honestly say she has given me my life back.

Before I met Laurie, I was battling with my constant pain but now that my pain has decreased and almost gone away, I feel like myself again, which I am grateful for. Like I tell all my family and friends, Laurie has heeling hands!!”

– Sara

“Highly recommend this location if you are interested in acupuncture! Dr.Blake is very kind and professional. She listened to all of my health concerns and made me feel comfortable. I deal with blurred vision caused by MS and have already noticed improvements in only 2 visits! I leave feeling relaxed and revitalized! I’m already looking forward to my next appointment!”

– Shilo

“Laurie and her team are awesome! I can’t say enough about how much they have helped me!! I highly recommend them!!”

– Kris

“Laurie is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend all of her services. She’s so knowledgeable, efficient and painless in her acupuncture. I always leave feeling so relaxed after a stressful day. 10/10 every time!”

– Sarah

“I met Dr. Blake when I hurt my back from coughing. She told me that she could do acupuncture on me the next day and we set up the appointment. I also had an infection in my mouth and she recommended some herbal pills and they have helped tremendously. I’m very happy with my experience at Traditional Acupuncture and highly recommend it!”

– Dascha

“Dr Blake has helped me tremendously in the last month recovering from a stroke and incontinence. I highly recommend.”

– Terry

“Dr. Becca is incredible! Had my first session and looking forward to the next. If you want to receive treatment from a healer, Dr. Becca is the answer!”

– Heather